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Advocacy Basics

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You’re already an expert in what you do, and sharing your expertise can make a difference in legislation.

How can educators become public policy advocates? Just think: you educate and motivate students every day. That’s what advocacy is: educating and motivating lawmakers.

Get involved in advocating for infants, toddlers, children, and youth with exceptionalities, and the professionals who support them:

  1. Check out our Educate. Motivate. Advocate videos, where CEC’s Senior Policy & Advocacy Advisor will get you started on the basics of advocacy.
  2. Make sure you've checked the Policy Insider newsletter box in your email subscription preferences and get relevant policy information in your inbox every Friday.
  3. Contact your elected officials through the Legislative Action Center.
  4. Discover what you can do at the Special Education Legislative Summit in July.

You educate. You motivate. Now, you can advocate.

Watch Video Series

In the first video in our Educate. Motivate. Advocate Series, CEC's Senior Policy and Advocacy Advisor Kuna Tavalin will walk you through what advocacy really is, and how you're already prepared to become an advocate!


At a Glance (PDF)


Slides (PDF)

What's different about advocacy in the era of COVID? Kuna Tavalin, CEC's Senior Policy and Advocacy Advisor, walks us through what's different - and what's not - for lawmakers and advocates during this time.


At a Glance (PDF)


Slides (PDF)

"Budget" is no one's favorite word, and in the context of legislation, it's downright mystifying. In this video, CEC's Senior Policy & Advocacy Advisor, Kuna Tavalin, will cover the basics of budgets, appropriations and authorizations, and what piece of the pie is focused on education.


At a Glance (PDF)


Slides (PDF)

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Last Updated:  12 November, 2020

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