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Through its history, CEC has been the fortunate recipient of thousands of donations. In 2020, CEC created its five new endowments and birthed a new generation of donors and support.


Since creating the CEC Endowments in 2020, CEC has had:

547 Donors

$74,584.90 Raised

780 Donations


CEC is committed to cultivating, supporting, and empowering education professionals who work with individuals with disabilities. To make this mission a reality in practice, CEC is committed to implementing efficiencies and planning for long-term financial success.

To carry out our mission, CEC depends on contributions made those willing to support education professionals.

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How to Contribute 

With the support of members and donors, we continue to reach our goals of supporting the field and children and youth with disabilities and/or gifts and talents.

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Last Updated:  7 February, 2023

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